What is BizBrag?

BizBrag is a platform that allows your business to reach, engage, and retain customers across the social web. By creating and sharing powerful webpages called Braggits, your business can connect and share with other collaborative businesses, thus growing your customer base. Share and track your Braggits across search engines, social networks, social media, blogs and email contacts. Connecting in this fashion is particularly appealing because you are communicating with customers who already have an interest in what your company provides. Reaching customers through businesses with whom they already have a social relationship with allows for a trusted exchange - we call this the BragForce.

How can my business benefit from BizBrag?

BizBrag’s platform gives all companies the ability to conduct social online marketing activities in a creative and simple way. Our proprietary technology will allow your company to step up its game and compete in this social revolution.

Companies are able to reach, engage, and retain customers in ways you never dreamed possible. As a small business, you can now compete on the same playing field as bigger companies by building your BragForce and expanding your social network reach. As a large national franchise brand, you can now support your franchisees on a local level; by connecting and sharing Braggits, your franchise can deliver a consistent and strong brand message across your franchisees’ network connections.

Within a few minutes, you can create and share Braggits in order to become relevant across search engines, social networks, social media, blogs, and your email contacts.

Why was BizBrag founded?

There are times when technology needs to get out of the way, right? This is one of those times. BizBrag is dedicated to making all aspects of online marketing, social networking, and customer acquisitions simple. Since webpages are the basis of the internet, BizBrag decided to deliver a technology that allows your company to create powerful webpages and share them where your customers are reachable. BizBrag believes that a business should not only be in the game for itself, but should leverage business relationships and assist other businesses in finding new customers across the social web.

Can You Tell Me More About BragForce?

Certainly, we are glad you asked. Businesses sell products and services with a sales force, so why shouldn’t businesses brag with a BragForce?

  1. Mike’s Bikes of Denver connects with Jim’s Bike Adventures of Denver as BragForce members on BizBrag.
  2. Mike creates a Braggit about a new bike that has arrived in his shop. Mike shares this Braggit with his social network, search engines and his BragForce (of which Jim is a member).
  3. Jim sees this Braggit in his BizBrag dashboard. He then shares Mike’s Braggit with his own social network, because afterall, if his network is interested in biking adventures, wouldn’t they be interested in new bike models and other items from Mike’s shop? This makes Jim’s customers on his social networks happy because Jim is providing them with content they are interested in.
  4. This creates a great referral system because both Mike and Jim can reach each other’s network, with their Braggits, thus reaching customers they never would have been able to reach before.

These are real life business referrals happening on the social web. So, if you have a business that sends you customers, get them on BIzBrag and you both can get plugged into the social web together to reach more customers.

Who is Braggy?

We get this question a lot. Braggy is our mascot who has been tasked with helping out our users when they are in a jam. In your dashboard, you will find Braggy giving you tips on many things, like how to create great Braggits. Keep an eye out for Braggy and heed his advice!