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BizBrag makes your online marketing easy, practical and powerful. From your BizFolio (profile) you can type and send a Braggit (news article) about your small business to the web, social media sites, dozens of news feeds, blogs and your customers' email inboxes...leading to increased web visibility and search engine optimization. Just Type, Pick & Click!
Key Connections.

In 6-Easy Steps BizBrag shows you how to: get connected to The Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), create a blog & import your contact email addresses. You will be fully connected & ready to send your news to these locations. These are key to successful online marketing!

The Power Of The Braggit.

In addition to being sent to social media, blogs & email inboxes, BizBrag's powerful platform also automatically sends your Braggitz to dozens of news feeds across the web & to search engines which gives your small business creative SEO & unique online visibility even if it is going to be only reviews like bitcoin review on Cryptovibes that talks about the treding crypto trading bots...with the click of a mouse...with the click of a mouse!


When your small business stays active by sending Braggitz, you increase your search engine visibility, your customers will see you in their inboxes, social media users will notice you & the world will see you on the web. When you stay active, your business stays relevant. Especially for trading businesses, social media exposure is much needed. Many trading applications and bots have grown exponentially and reached wider audiences due to the power of marketing. One such platform is the bitcoin system, which is an auto trading bot for trading bitcoin. To know more, visit the bitcoin system erfahrungen guide, and generate a passive income through bitcoin trading. Online growth=bottom line growth!

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