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This is the official blog of…Welcome! Our Team is currently working very hard to create efficient, exciting and incredibly powerful features for the site. Throughout the beta phase, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback regarding what small businesses want. The good news: we have taken that feedback to create what small biz need to succeed…the better news: we are not even close to being finished - and we never will! We are building a company that constantly evolves to our community’s needs and deliver the tools that makes them successful. Sure, our blog, here, is a little tattered and tore, but that’s what happens when you are in the trenches everyday…which is where we are - right next to you every step, working hard and listening to your suggestions. Stay tuned…we will be coming out of beta the second week of April 2010. At that time…the world will know and the loyal, dynamic community of small businesses that drive it’s success. Have a great day! -The BizBrag Team