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Would you eat off the floor? Why should your dog?
Location: Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Industry: Consumer Goods

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

We are an eco-friendly company who loves dogs (and good wine...).

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Our Products/Services:

Unique elevated dog feeders, raised cat dishes, pet toy boxes and small pet beds hand-crafted out of authentic wooden wine crates from prestigious European, Californian and Chilean vineyards for the pampered pets and their sophisticated owners. Whiner and Diner’s high-end, eco-friendly dog and cat accessories make the perfect gift for the pet and wine lover.

Biz Tidbitz:

"I think I'm going to make a dog feeder out of this old wine crate for our dog" said my husband Stephen.

"Have you taken your pills today" I responded...and Whiner and Diner Eco-Chic Pet Accessories was born.

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