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Salesforce Efficiency

Fox & Co. has developed proprietary approaches to measuring and maximizing salesforce efficiency. Sales managers can learn, quantitatively, how their best people invest available selling time, including a measurement of expected sales dollars per sales call. This knowledge is used to improve the efficiency of others in the salesforce. Simple tools can tell the sales manager what the expected outcome would be of adding one additional sales person, of getting each salesperson to make one more call per week, and so on.
Fox & Co. also develops, in conjunction with its customized selling skills training programs, sales resource allocation models that help salespeople properly allocate their selling time. The model addresses several common sales planning flaws.

New Product Introductions

Fox & Company has worked on more than 250 new product introductions in more than 200 market segments. Depending on client need, Fox & Company can help with new product ideation and definition, market opportunity analysis, positioning, concept testing, packaging, branding, pricing strategy, through to launch implementation.
Fox & Company has also worked with several clients to improve the effectiveness of their new product development and commercialization.

Strategy Development

Fox & Company clients face a host of business situations that require a fresh assessment of marketing strategy and the development and refinement of strategies to optimize future growth. Some of the catalysts include sales growth stagnation, market share slippage, the emergence of new competitive threats, pre-acquisition due diligence, post-acquisition integration, and the entry of new management. Fox & Company addresses all such engagements with a disciplined combination of market research, client input and innovative thinking about crafting strategy.


Our Products/Services:

Sales Training

Fox & Company offers several approaches to sales training, all of which are based on a combination of proprietary Fox & Company concepts and the client's own best practices. Fox & Company training focuses on improving two aspects of salesperson behavior: efficiency and effectiveness

  • Custom Designed Value-Selling Programs, featuring Dollarization
  • Sales Strategy Workshops
  • Custom Designed Sales Management Training


Marketing Training

Fox & Company trains client marketing and general management staff in a variety of marketing disciplines. Training ranges from introductory courses on the tools used by marketers to advanced hands-on seminars that address current business issues.

  • Product Management Skills
  • The Marketing Toolkit
  • Marketing Strategy Workshops
  • Advanced Marketing Case Study Seminars
  • The Importance of the Customer (for non-marketing personnel)

Interesting Biz Tidbitz About us:

For over 20 years, Jeffrey Fox has been helping clients build lasting value through innovative marketing thinking and analysis. Jeffrey is founder of a management consulting firm that focuses on marketing strategy and execution

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