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Ceramic Art for Your Home & Life

A Little Bit About Us

Our goal is to create useable heirlooms that bring beauty to your life.

Our Products/Services:

We offer three product lines of ceramic art designed for your home and life.

Tiles and Wall Boxes are hand built and carved in a technique called "Sgrafitto".  Sgrafitto means "to scratch thru".  The tiles and wall boxes are painted wth a colored slip or underglaze and then each is carved with a pattern.  Patterns may be replicated, but no two will ever be exactly alike.

Dinnerware:  We offer three distinct handbuilt dinnerware themes:  Peacocks, Crickets and Abstract.  Each design utilizes both hand brush work and individual screen printing.  Due to the nature of the process every piece has its own unique character.

Wedding Accessories:  Our Ring Bearer Dishes are a modern take on the Ring Bearer Pillow.  Our dishes are meant to be a keepsake that can be used in daily life and passed down to the next generation.  After the ceremony use them to hold your rings and other trinkets on your dresser.  Or use the ribbon to hang it on the wall beside your wedding photos.

In addition to the Ring Bearer Dishes we offer a hand carved Tree Tile that features the couple's initials in sweet little heart on the trunk.


Interesting Biz Tidbitz About us:

As with most kids I made mud pies at my Granny's house.  I went on to major in accounting.  I feel like I have come back home by becoming a ceramic artist.

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