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When others say it can't be done... we say, "How soon do you need it!"

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Established in 1996, Adrenaline Autosound is owned by the only MECP-certified master installer in the entire state of North Carolina! Providing our Raleigh-area customers with superior craftsmanship, customized car electronics solutions, and top-quality mobile electronics, we're ready to help bring out the absolute best in your car or truck. Whether you're considering upgrading to a component car stereo system, want to protect your vehicle with a car alarm, or are ready to explore the exciting realm of mobile video, our team of professionals is ready to help. With nearly twenty years of experience in the car audio video industry, Adrenaline Autosound is a family-owned company dedicated to using our expertise to bring you the driving experience of your dreams! Call today to enhance your ride with mobile electronics from Adrenaline Autosound.

Our Products/Services:

Providing the greater Raleigh area with the best in mobile electronics for nearly 15 years, Adrenaline Autosound has the top-quality car audio video components and superior installation expertise you need. From flashy, out-of-this-world car audio installations to discreet "stealth" car stereo systems that you can hear but not see, we're ready to use our experience, quality products, and custom installation skill to help you get the driving experience you've always dreamed of. Adrenaline Autosound is a local, family-owned company and we're dedicated to bringing you the best in customer service as well as mobile electronics. For the systems you want and the service you crave, we're ready to take great care of you. Call today to get started down the exciting road of car electronics customization!

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Owned by the only MECP certified master installer in North Carolina, Adrenaline Autosound has the superior mobile electronics installation workmanship and car audio video products you need for the best in car electronics. Call to

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