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The Smartest Girl in the Room shares the secret of Small Biz Marketing

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Small Business Marketing:Marketing is about relationships. Every woman knows the value of her relationships. Family, friends, and business relationships are strengthened by her care and commitment. Those principles can be applied to all that we do in the business world.

Public Relations: Public Relations has taken a new turn with the internet. Never before have small business been able to reach millions of people through media. You are an expert in what you do, let Moxie work with regional, national and online media to share your unique story.

Building a Marketing and Public Relations Plan: Moxie will develop a clear marketing and public relations strategy that feeds your existing and potential relationships. Focusing on small businesses and startup companies Moxie will create a plan that fits your budget and reaches your goals.

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Marketing, Design, Public Relations and Events for Small Businesses with Style - oh and we love marshmallows and yellow ducks!

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