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Nature. Earth. Beauty.
Location: Kingshill, Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Industry: Health, Beauty and Personal Care

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

At itiba we strive to bring you the very best in natural, vegetable based skin care products. All of itiba's products are made with 100% pure Aloe Vera extract and juices and natural vegetable oils like Jojoba, avocado, coconut and palm oils. You will also find decadent butters like unrefined shea butter and moisturizing mango butter in itiba's fine range of products. Vitamins and wonderful plant oils are used to create a product that is light, refreshing and calming. These Caribbean inspired products contain no animal by products, no fillers nor any harsh chemicals or parabens. Feel safe and confident using any of the body care products created by itiba, LLC.

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Our Products/Services:

itiba carries seven different products in six intoxicating, Caribbean, fragrances. We offer most of these products in two sizes, a large 8 oz size packaged in a lovely amber bottle to protect the contents from the harmful UV rays and a smaller 4 oz size that is perfect for traveling:

Body Lotions (8oz and 4 oz) - An aloe based lotion with Jojoba and Avocado oils plus vitamin B, this non greasy lotion quickly absorbs into the skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.

Body Spray (8 oz and 4 oz) - These body sprays are made with 100% Aloe vera extract. A light feeling spray that leaves your skin feeling smooth. Contains no parabens or formaldehyde donors.

Body Wash (8 oz and 4 oz) - An aloe based, sulfate and paraben free cleanser it gently cleanses the skin without stripping the skin of its own precious, natural oils.

Body Butter (3.5 oz) - A whipped product made simply with unrefined Shea Butter, creamy mango butter and golden Jojoba oil, and vitamin E this product melts quickly into the skin. This is an intense moisturizer that contains no fillers. A great product when you need to have extra hydrating and during those cold, winter months.

Body Soap (2 oz and 4 oz) - A vegetable based soap made with coconut and palm oils, unrefined Shea butter, decadent mango butter, sunflower or grape seed oils, this mild, soothing round soap will gently cleanse the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. This beautiful round soap creates a nice, fluffy stable lather that will leave you wanting more. Each soap contains something special to help with its cleansing.

MidNite Rain soap contains Activated Charcoal - a great detoxifier and itiba's number one top seller!

Crucian Spice is made with Turmeric powder (which is great as an anti-inflammatory for the skin) and myrrh powder

Sea Lavender contains alkanet root powder (known as an astringent) and lavender flower powder.

Island Rose contains frankincense powder. Alkanet root powder and beet root powder help to give this soap its lovely color!

Carib Lime, the perfect soap to use on a hot, humid day! This soap has in it for color parsley powder and a touch of green clay. It also has spearmint, cut and sifted, in it to help give this soap a refreshing, energizing feel. A perfect Pick Me Up in the morning!

Bath Salts (11 oz) - The Caribbean Sea has been where countless of generations has gone when they needed relief from aches and pains, to help with colds, or just to reconnect with yourself. These bath salts contain Local Caribbean Sea Salts as well as European Salts to help refresh and revitalize the mind, body and spirit.

Body Polish (12 oz) The ultimate in pampering, this decadent, rich, creamy polish contains fine sea salts, and corn meal, unrefined Shea Butter, creamy, mango butter, moisturizing coconut oils and golden Jojoba oils. All of this blended together to give you a great exfoliating and moisturizing product in one! Your skin will truly be polished and shining when you have treated yourself to an itiba body polish.

itiba carries six wonderful fragrances:
Carib Lime ~ A Caribbean scent that infuses our local limes with lemon grass and other citrus essences creating a refreshing, exhilarating aroma that brings the Caribbean sunshine into your day! Made with 100% essential oils.

MidNite Rain ~ Our most popular scent ~ A combination of fragrance and essential oils, this scent will awaken the senses and cleanse the mind, just like a midnight rain on a warm Caribbean night!

Crucian Spice ~ A sensuous, enchanting, inspiring scent! It will take you back to the yesteryear of the Caribbean when life was simple and you lived on what Mother Earth (itiba) provided you.

Island Rose ~ Only the rose of the Caribbean can enchant and rejuvenate the soul! Made with 100% essential oils, allow this fragrance to calm you and bring forth your sensuality for life!

Papaya ~ This wonderful fruit is a prized treasure within the Caribbean. Sweet, delicious and intoxicating, this scent is one that is sure to satiate and satisfy your senses.

Sea Lavender ~ The gentle breeze rolls off the Caribbean Sea while the calming, relaxing fragrance of lavender envelopes you. One is a force of Nature, the other a gift from the Earth; both creating Beauty within this soothing fragrance.

Biz Tidbitz:

The Legend of itiba
Long ago in the Caribbean our ancestors, both African and Amerindian, used only what was given to them by Mother Earth - itiba - to cleanse the skin and beautify their appearance; and their skin loved them for it. Even today in the Caribbean, it is still apparent in the descendants of those two peoples in their beautiful, healthy skin. Using the principle of Sankofa, we learned from the past and went back to the Earth - itiba - to create these wonderful, luxurious products using only natural plant oils and butters. The flowers of the Caribbean lend their unique and sultry aromas to help create a uniquely Caribbean product that leaves you experiencing the same healthy skin as our ancestors. Out of a Caribbean heritage full of rich culture and strong tradition comes itiba - a natural skin care company.

Nature. Earth. Beauty.

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