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A New Kind of News for Organizations
Location: New York, New York, United States
Industry: Online Media

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

SixEstate Communications is an online publicity firm specializing in professional blogging, called Newsblogging, and online media relations. We help organizations share meaningful content and become online news resources for their target audiences.

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Our Products/Services:

Professional Blogging: Newsblogging

* Hit Google Alerts for Your Keywords & Reach Your Target Audience

Our professional journalists post for you every work day, reporting on news stories, current events, trends, research findings, or anything else related to your topic, industry or cause. Each post contains at least one news citation and one copyright-licensed image. Posts are copyedited, proofread, link-checked, tagged and search-optimized by our "blog polishing" team before being released. We manage and respond to comments and clean spam.

What do clients love about newsblogs?

  • They’re effective: They skyrocket your online visibility, hit Google Alerts and actually reach your target audience. No amateur can compete with a professional newsblog.
  • They’re timesavers: We take care of everything — from researching and posting, to editing and optimizing — so you don’t have to.
  • They’re reliable: We publish every work day at 6 am.
  • They’re transparent: Posts are researched and written by professional journalists using their own names.

Biz Tidbitz:

* Good content is the best SEO.

* Hit Google Alerts for your keywords in 30 days.

* Improve search engine position.

* Reach your target audience with interesting content.

* Check out our Kaiser Permanente Case Study!

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