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Re-Engaging The Developmental Process For Children At Risk
Location: North Richland Hills, Texas, United States
Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Who We Are

Rodger C Bailey, MS: I have degrees in Social Science / Anthropology and Educational Counseling. I have been a therapist and consultant in the area of brain function and behavior since 1974. I have been working with and teaching about developmental processes since 1977. I specialize in re-kindling the sparks of the developmental process.

Profesora María Isabel Aguilar: I have degrees in Education and Philosophy. I have been a university professor in education, science and philosophy, and since 1975 I have been concentrating in issues of health and wellness as teacher and therapist. I specialize in unblocking the stuck developmental processes of children with developmental problems.

Our Experience

Based on our experience of over 30 years for each of us, and based on our work together for more than 15 years, we have developed the Developmental Discovery System™ which encourages the child’s innate predisposition for growing up and keeps the process on track. This is a result of our work with hundreds of children with various (and usually multiple) Developmental Delay or Developmental Disability diagnoses.

Our Work is Personal

When you contact us, you talk with Isabel or Rodger. When you work with us, you work with Isabel and Rodger. Our consulting service is personal. Our work with you is personal and individual. Our commitment to you and your child is personal. And, the improvements your child makes while working with us are very personal for us.

Limited Clinical Practice

It is just the two of us. We work with a few local clients who come to our office. We also work in a consulting format in English and Spanish with children and their families internationally. Our research and writing takes much of our time.

Complementary/Alternative Program

The Developmental Discovery System™ is non-invasive and is a natural complementary or alternative approach. If your child is currently in a treatment or special education program, our program does not interfere. The Developmental Discovery System™ is successful in conjunction with other programs and by itself.

Our Focus

Our focus is the Developmental Discovery System™. We have hundreds of clinical satisfied parents to support our work. And, for those children who complete our program, the normal and predictable response is to become age-appropriate.

We are performing research at this time, and because it is in progress, we cannot comment about it. But, because of the inherent delays in research cycles and the peer-review publication process, it may be decades before our protocols are recommended by other service providers who use peer-reviewed research as proof that a program works.

Waiting for the publication of our research and then waiting for your doctor, psychologist, or school to recommend our program will not be helpful for your child who has developmental problems. The most important thing you can do for your child with developmental problems is find the way that awakens the child’s suspended tendency for maturing.


Existing medical, psychological, behavioral, and educational service providers do not know about the Developmental Discovery System™, because our research is not complete and has not been published. The current medical, psychological, behavioral, and educational paradigms are all in strong agreement that there is no cure, and they are not likely to change that belief easily. Replacing this paradigm (this belief) will be done, over time, by a new generation of practitioners.

Referrals to work with us normally come from parents of children who have graduated from our program or who are currently in our program. Our referrals come from parents whose children have been in our program and we have encouraged their child's unexplored potential for growing up and whose children are back on track.

Unique Program

The Developmental Discovery System™ is unique. No one is doing what we do. No one else predictably inspires the innate facility for growing up. We are consistently able to round out the voids in the developmental process. Our graduating clients reliably, predictably, and consistently become age-appropriate.
Getting Started

Our Information Form and our Developmental Checklist help us understand your child's situation. This gives us the information that we need to talk with you about your child. So when we have our no-obligation, initial appointment with you, we can speak clearly about what you can expect from our program.

Key Contacts

Our Products/Services:

We work with families whose children have developmental problems, such as Failure To Thrive. We teach, consult with, test, and coach to re-engage the developmental process. We do this work over the Internet with families around the world.

Our free Developmental Checklist provides an interactive way for parents to keep track of all their children's developmental progress.

Biz Tidbitz:

We are re-engaging the stuck developmental process for children with developmental problems. We specialize in work with children with Failure To Thrive. We get these children back on track.

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