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About GTS Therapeutics Massage

Specializing in deep tissue massage for chronic pain and athletes.
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

GTS Therapeutics Massage was established in 2006 in Fort Collins Colorado, when the owners sold their clinic in the busy suburbs of Northern Virginia. On our website, we have easy online scheduling availabe, and instant gift certificates, which can be printed or emailed to the recipient.

The Instructional Couples Massage DVD was produced in 2006 as well, and is now distributed nationally through online retailers, as well as spas, clinics and independent massage therapist's practices.

Our Products/Services:

In clinic: deep tissue massage for chronic pain and athletes.

In clinic, online and other retail locations: Instructional Couples Massage DVD and Couples Massage Baskets.

Biz Tidbitz:

We have a clinic with 5 skilled therapists in a professional, clinical setting. We also have a nationally distributed Couples Massage DVD that is available on Amazon, as well as several other online and retail locations. View th

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