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What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Financial Freedom Builders LLC was founded in 2008 by Brandon & Gina Wilkins.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins have amassed a significant net worth in assets through practical financial discipline.

They decided to pursue their passion of teaching others after watching many of their employees, clients, and customers make poor money management decisions due to a basic lack of financial education.

Mr. Wilkins is also the author of the financial classic, Getting Rich is Simple…But It Ain’t Easy!

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Our Products/Services:

We provide:

- One-on-one wealthbuilding coaching & planning
- Couples/family wealthbuilding coaching & planning
- Workshops/seminars for small groups or large organizations
- Books, CDs, and videos dispensing our financial insight

Biz Tidbitz:

We show people how to make, keep, grow and build their wealth!

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