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Landscaping, lawn care, painting and cleaning.
Location: Abington, Massachusetts, United States
Industry: Facilities Services

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

When you need professional help to make your home or commercial property look its best, Lackey Property Solutions is the answer you've been looking for. We're a local, family-owned company providing a full range of exterior and interior services to help your house or business shine! We offer interior and exterior painting, landscaping, lawn maintenance, and office cleaning services.

Our Products/Services:

Lackey Property Solutions is greater Boston's answer for maintaining neat, beautiful buildings, residential and commercial. We provide a full line of maintenance and upkeep services ranging from interior and exterior painting to landscaping to office cleaning. When you need help freshening up your home or need a hand looking after the yard, Lackey Property Solutions is there for you!

Biz Tidbitz:

Lackey Property Solutions is your answer for keeping your residential or commercial building looking fabulous. We provide interior painting, exterior painting, landscaping, lawn care services, and even office building cleaning!

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