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“Life is perfect just as it is…”

Staunton, VA) So says, Dr. Vijai S. Shankar who is visiting the U.S. this spring. Today people refer to Dr. Shankar as Doctor, Scientist, Vijai, Shankar , Swamiji, Guruji, Enlightened Being, for Shankar they all are illusory labels. According to the ancient Indian text, Upanishads, when man says, „I am the doer, the thinker and the speaker“, he gets further trapped in the world of opposites or duality: good and bad, just and unjust, true and false, religious and irreligious, black and white, etc. – and therefore suffers in his attempts, however virtuous, to set the world to right.


Dr. Shankar‘s widsdom offers freedom with gradual release from stress, strain, worry, anxiety, fear, sadness etc. of daily life. For him every day is ideal, every hour is perfect, every minute is to be welcomed. Life does not consist of days, hours and minutes, but is simply one moment. Dr. Shankar suggests that his readers will live life in a more beautiful manner if they understand that life happens without the mind, that life is a matter of trust, not of planning. He describes life as without actions, words and thoughts. Life is a manifestation of light and sound, a singular movement, a flow. The mind reflects illusory thoughts, words, feelings, and meanings. What is real is the timeless, thoughtless and nameless ‘Here’ and ‘Now’.


To all who are in search of truth or enlightenment, Dr Shankar travels the world offering a gift of understanding that the reflections of life appear real to man but are, nevertheless, illusory. He has come to understand that life in all its diverse and sometimes electrifying manifestations is perfect - just as it is meant to be. Dr. Shankar says, “It is not the magnitude of knowledge but the lack of understanding that keeps man in bondage rather than freedom.” Readers will share the author’s journey beyond “mind” into Life and Freedom. Dr. Shankar has written dozens of books. His first book Illusions of Life was published in 2003. His most recent book Evolution of Mind, was published in January 2010. His teachings are accessible to the public through his books, CDs and DVDs, his satsangs and on the website of the Academy of Absolute Understanding.


For more information call Mari at 540-446-5573


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar

Publisher: Advaita Publications

ISBN 978-90-79731-09-1, Available at New Leaf Distributing, Amazon, Ingram and

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