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Ideas2Executables is proud to announce the launch of <a href='';></a>'s next generation website. This improved site not only features an updated look & feel, but also provides for a highly simplified Contact Us solution.

TextCall specializes in providing solutions to websites that allow their customers to instantly get in touch with them. By using the TextCall service, you'll not only be able to receive e-mail based Contact Message, but SMS (cell phone) based messages as well.

This means that you can respond to customers questions (or orders!) while you're on the go. You don't need a Blackberry device or other sophisticated phone - nearly any cell phone will work.

TextCall also features advanced anti-spam measures, so that your important customer messages won't get lost in the noise of junk mail.

Best of all, TextCall's technology can be installed by anyone - there's no programming or HTML experience needed. Just copy and paste the provided code into your website and you'll be all set.
Posted by Ideas2Executables on Jul 16, 7:26 AM • Permalink

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