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What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Save 5 hours a week!  Have Time to Enjoy your Life!

No one taught you how to be organized. 

When you have a system to follow (i.e. 3-part file label system), you can find things quickly and easily -- and put them back in the same place! ysEileen Roth's organizing principles help you to put everything in its place. More importantly her systems are easy to implement, and maintenance is minutes a day to stay that way.

Eileen speaks and consults on:

  • Office Organization
  • Time Management
  • Home Organization
  • Student Organization

Major Media appearances: 

  • Today Show
  • Oprah

Other Media:

  • Chicago Tribune
  • LA Times
  • ASTD's Learning and Development Magazine
  • Convention Forum
  • Successful Meetings
  • Reader's Digest
  • Self
  • Real Simple
  • Women's Day
  • Men's Health


Key Contacts

Our Products/Services:

Save Time and Money.

I  am a productivity expert (consultant) who will help you save time and money by being better organized. Studies show people waste as much as 6 weeks a year searching for information-- that is 5 hours a week of lost time, and money.

I designed systems to help you  find information quickly and easily!   Some of of my systems are acronyms that help you retmember what to do, like put everything in its P.L.A.C.E.(tm) or determine what to toss by asking if it is a W.A.S.T.E.(tm)

I also consult/coach you to help you improve your productivity using various time management tools and systems like P.L.A.N.(tm)


  •  Book:  Organizing For Dummies  (orderl autographed copies from my website)
  • Audio CDs on how to Organize Your Office
  • Manual:  Take Action File (tickler system) - place to put information after you open the mail but need to wait until you are ready to take action on that item.
  • Manual:  How to Create a Personal Reference Book- clear your bulletin boards and cubicle walls and organize your reference information 


Biz Tidbitz:

I am a productivity expert, national speaker and the author of Organizing For Dummies.  I appeared on the Today Show and Oprah before I wrote the book.   I help you save time and money so you<

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