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What Are The REAl Odds In This Kentucky Derby?????

Based On Their Names Here’s The REAL Line Up For the Kentucky Derby 2010


20/1 Mission Impazible – won’t be a very good speller but he will have attitude. He will think he deserves to win. He’ll be smart, have a need to set himself apart from the others and will be bold, without fear of judgment Jockey  Rajiv Maragh is a total pain in the butt too – I wouldn’t count these two out.


5/1 Sidney’s Candy – Loves looking good and loves a good time – this horse is there to make money, have fun & look good doing it.  Jockey Joe Talamo gets the job done.


14/1 Jackson Bend – needs to be seen & heard. Life’s an adventure for this horse  - he’s going to have fun & be likeable. Jockey Mike Smith has a fun life as well  - they’ll enjoy this ride.


25/1 Discreetly Mine – will be  daring, needs to set himself apart from others. He’ll HATE running in a pack, will work hard to pull ahead of the pack. Jockey  Javier Castellano


25/1 Stately Victor  will be  Smart and strategic. Jockey Alan Garcia observes how to win, not to lose – these two will be in the fight.


16/1 Paddy O'Prado  will be  daring, stubborn &  privileged. Jockey Kent Desormeaux.  If he had a different jockey my money would be on this horse to win.


12/1 Dublin –will be Daring & independent .  He’ll like his Jockey T J Thompson.


15/1 Super Saver – has to overcome adversity, he’s a smart loner out to prove himself . Jockey Calvin Borel.


15/1 Lookin at Lucky – will be  Stubborn, talkative, Needs all the comforts of life to be happy so he will be running for the Money – Jockey  Garrett Gomez


8/1 Ice Box – wants to be loved but is bold, stubborn and needs things done his way. Jockey  Jose Lezcano is stubborn too



9/1 Awesome Act will be assertive & smart. He’ll follow his jockey’s every command – Jockey  Julien Leparoux is a lost soul trying to prove himself


40/1 Backtalk will be  Assertive & temperamental. Jockey   Miguel Mena

10/1 Noble Promise – lucky to be there, gets opportunities handed to him. Jockey Willie Martinez

24/1 Line of David  Independent, daring, needs to look good, needs money & to be admired. Jockey Rafael Bejarano

40/1 Dean's Kitten  will be  Eager, friendly, personable & observant. Jockey Robby Albarado

25/1 American Lion – Ambitious, out to prove himself, motivated by money. Jockey  David Flores

40/1 Make Music For Me   will be  Curious – wants to know where all the horses are & what they’re doing. Jockey Joel Rosario

10/1 Devil May Care   will be  strong willed & assertive but doesn’t believe in himself. Jockey John Velazquez

40/1 Homeboykris   will be  Methodical, precocious and vain. Jockey Ramon Dominguez

18/1 Conveyence will be  bossy, observant , needs track conditions to be perfect  in order to run a great race.  Jockey Martin Garcia - 

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