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SixEstate Releases Free White Paper on Blogging

The White Paper discusses: Traditional journalism vs. citizen journalism vs. corporate journalism Blogging’s increasing importance in marketing Why good content is the best form of SEO Why ghost blogging doesn’t cut it The newsblogging process And more… Sign up to recieve your free copy at!...
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After Her Brain Broke Author to appear on CJOB

Susan Inman, author of After Her Brain Broke: Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity will be appearing on The Night Hawk radio show on CJOB Winnipeg Monday May 3, 11:10 PM CDT.   Susan's book has been described as a must read for any family with a member suffering with serious mental illness. Well know US psychiatrist and author, E Fuller Torrey, calls it one of the best books about mental illness written by a mother and highly recommends it. Stephanie Engel, a Harvard psychiatrist calls it a "much needed book". For more information about the book and the many reviews it has received, please visit Susan's web page...

Tiedemann Globe in Phoenix is Hiring  Tiedemann Globe is hiring. Click the link to view job descriptions....
Tiedemann Globe (Apr 30, 11:18 AM) Textiles

MyMediaInfo Expands Office as Growth Continues

RedEgg Solutions, the parent company of MyMediaInfo, announced today the expansion of their U.S. headquarters in Waltham, MA.  The expansion enables RedEgg to hire additional staff needed for their growing business. ...
MyMediaInfo (Apr 30, 10:16 AM) Research

Kamado Joe Ceramic Cooker Now Available At Total Home Supply

If you are a serious outdoor cook looking for a new grilling experience, take a look at the Kamado Joe Ceramic Cooker.  This next generation ceramic charcoal grill works by adjusting the temperature through upper and lower vents, allowing for very high (up to 750°F) and very low temperatures.  Besides excellent grilling, you can also cook pizza, bake bread or slow cook a brisket for 24 hours, without adding charcoal every few hours. The Kamado Joe Grill comes fully assembled, with bamboo side shelves, a heavy duty cart and hood thermometer.  And it's FREE SHIPPING for this item from
Total Home Supply (Apr 30, 8:18 AM) Consumer Goods
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     “LIFE IS GOOD!” says the shirt. What says you? “Bah, humbug!”?                                           Why “Bah! Humbug!”?  Because life, I’m convinced, as I once again reflect on my birthday, is not a commodity that’s just “good” all by itself.  Life is neither good nor bad.  It simply is.  And each of us chooses to make the experience of life a good one, a bad one, or something in between.       The point is that behavior is always and everywhere a matter of conscious or unconscious choice.  “Good” and “bad” and “in-between” is never dropped on us from the ceiling or the sky; it is not...

Scarlet Girl Helps Adult Toy Manufacturer Get a Little Greener.

Scarlet Girl contracts with a California adult toy maker to manage their toy recycling needs. Portland, OR, April 29 / Scarlet Girl, an adult retailer with a certified sex toy recycling program, has contracted with a forward-thinking sex toy manufacturer in Southern California to manage the toy maker's recycling needs. Beginning May 1 Scarlet Girl will accept broken or discarded toys from the adult toy maker, dismantle them, and recycle the various components. "We're very pleased to have the opportunity to contract directly with a sex toy manufacturer in this capacity, and excited at the opportunity to provide them with our sex toy recycling service.", said Scarlet Girl sex toy recycling program manager, Vicki Kriner. "It's exciting to see the desire to be more green grow among consumers and manufacturers, and at Scarlet Girl we definitely want to be a part of the growing green movement in the adult industry." Scarlet Girl offers a consumer level program for their clients...

Break Pal - Workplace Wellness now on Adobe Air

Break Pal, the workplace wellness program you use right at your desk has just been released on Adobe Air. The Adobe Air environment is a rich internet application tha allows for the combining of a desktop application and a website. this combination allows for much more flexibility such as is demonstrated with Break Pal. Break Pal delivers office safe workouts to the users desktop at timed intervals. Workouts are based on disciplines such as Chi kung, yoga, cardio kung fu, and more. Users score points for exercising and can compete with other users on the network. The social aspect of it helps motivate the workout. Like a virtual workout budy. Break Pal is the next step in workplace wellness. bringing affordable workplace wellness to any size company. It's easy to implement and effective. Effective workplace wellness is known to have a minimum of a 3 to 1 ROI for businesses that implement it. Companies save of health care costs and boost productivity at the same time. Employees get in...

Air Duct Cleaning in Timonium MD by DUCTZ of Central Mid Atlantic

DUCTZ of Central Mid Atlantic provides Air Duct Cleaning services in Timonium MD. Call Dave Ford of DUCTZ of the Central Mid Atlantic Region at 410-864-9144. We provide air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning in Towson MD, Lutherville MD, Baltimore MD, Glen Burnie MD, Severna Park MD, Parkville MD, Annapolis MD and many other areas in the Baltimore / DC Area. Air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and HVAC system cleaning is more than just cleaning registers or vent covers. As a business owner, you know you can't trust referring your customers to just anyone. As a customer, you know you can't trust those low cost "whole house specials." From DUCTZ, you can expect the highest quality workmanship, guaranteed, and customer care that is second to none! DUCTZ of Central Mid Atlantic provides Air Duct Cleaning services in Timonium MD.

HVAC Companies Looking to Partner with Duct Cleaning Company

DUCTZ also partners with many types of companies to employ different aspects of cleaning HVAC systems, air ducts and dryer vents. Fire restoration companies and mold remediation contractors use DUCTZ to clean the HVAC units and air ducts. We restore these units to better-than-before condition, which saves the property owners and insurance companies from having to completely replace the units and ductwork. This saves thousands of dollars. We partner with HVAC contractors to help keep the furnaces and air ducts clean. Clean units run more efficiently and are a key component to achieving indoor air quality....