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Break Pal - Workplace Wellness now on Adobe Air

Break Pal, the workplace wellness program you use right at your desk has just been released on Adobe Air. The Adobe Air environment is a rich internet application tha allows for the combining of a desktop application and a website. this combination allows for much more flexibility such as is demonstrated with Break Pal.

Break Pal delivers office safe workouts to the users desktop at timed intervals. Workouts are based on disciplines such as Chi kung, yoga, cardio kung fu, and more. Users score points for exercising and can compete with other users on the network. The social aspect of it helps motivate the workout. Like a virtual workout budy.

Break Pal is the next step in workplace wellness. bringing affordable workplace wellness to any size company. It's easy to implement and effective. Effective workplace wellness is known to have a minimum of a 3 to 1 ROI for businesses that implement it. Companies save of health care costs and boost productivity at the same time. Employees get in a full 45 minute workout in 3 minute interval and feel refreshed all day long. It's a win win for company and employee both.

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