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Unleash Your Inner Vixen
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Industry: Health, Beauty and Personal Care

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Scarlet Girl specializes in your satisfaction!We operate with a strong belief in success through service to the community and to YOU! Scarlet Girl is a Green Certified company, and runs a certified sex toy recycling program that pays consumers for being a responsible consumer,and gives adult toy manufacturers a simple way to green their business practices.We strive to serve our clients with excellent products, information, discretion, and customer services. And we strive to serve our consultants though support, training, and communication.

We are here to enrich relationships, build self-confidence, and encourage communication between couples by providing access to enjoyable romance education, and high quality sensual products.

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Our Products/Services:

Scarlet GirlPleasure Parties is a woman-owned Pleasure Party company in Portland, OR, with independent representatives in several US states. Scarlet Girl brings education, fun, and a line of sensual adult products directly to clients in the comfort of their own homes through pleasure parties, and online at As part of a strong commitment to personal and professional responsibility, Scarlet Girl is a Certified Green Business, and runs a certified sex toy recycling program.


Scarlet Girl is unique among home-party and online retailers.  The company is not a multi-level organization, but has a straight forward, single-level commission structure, in which all consultants have access to the same training, products, and people within the company.

Biz Tidbitz:

Our consultants are often mistaken for librarians, and people are usually surprised to learn what we do!

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