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Scarlet Girl Helps Adult Toy Manufacturer Get a Little Greener.

Scarlet Girl contracts with a California adult toy maker to manage their toy recycling needs.

Portland, OR, April 29 / Scarlet Girl, an adult retailer with a certified sex toy recycling program, has contracted with a forward-thinking sex toy manufacturer in Southern California to manage the toy maker's recycling needs.

Beginning May 1 Scarlet Girl will accept broken or discarded toys from the adult toy maker, dismantle them, and recycle the various components.

"We're very pleased to have the opportunity to contract directly with a sex toy manufacturer in this capacity, and excited at the opportunity to provide them with our sex toy recycling service.", said Scarlet Girl sex toy recycling program manager, Vicki Kriner. "It's exciting to see the desire to be more green grow among consumers and manufacturers, and at Scarlet Girl we definitely want to be a part of the growing green movement in the adult industry."

Scarlet Girl offers a consumer level program for their clients to recycle sex toys through, and has recently expanded their sex toy recycling program to include solutions for wholesalers and sex toy manufacturers as well. Information on the Scarlet Girl program to recycle sex toys can be found at

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