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Location: Centerville, Ohio, United States
Industry: Public Relations and Communications

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As a successful sales and marketing executive, Duke is branching out as one of our nation’s top motivational speakers, as he releases his book entitled What Radio Station Are You Listening To?…How to Raise Yourself Up Above All That Noise.


Graduating from"; Ohio University in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications, Duke worked as a program director and DJ in the broadcasting industry before venturing out into a new career. As Duke explains,” I received a phone call one day from a local packaging company who was in need of a junior sales representative. The sales manager had placed a bet with the owner that he could take someone with absolutely no sales experience, and train that individual to become an outstanding sales person. It was at that time, I knew where my future would lie.” That new career path would eventually lead him into the rewarding field of sales and marketing.


In the late 1970’s thru the mid 1980’s, while still working a full time sales position, Duke on a part time basis started his own wholesale/retail marketing business. He, along with his wife of 34 years, built an organization that totaled well over 300 sales outlets nationwide. His primary responsibility was the recruitment and motivation of these sales outlets at business building seminars all across the country.


Once again, Duke has embarked on a new venture. Only this time, he feels a calling to do so. Or as he puts it, “it’s just another phase of my life”. To quote an excerpt from Duke’s book:


“Most people go through life with absolutely no idea how to achieve excellence through inspiration. While others lead a rich and rewarding life by just tapping into the power from within, the power we were all born with. So how do you harness that internal power to achieve and become the best “YOU” that you can become?”


 We hope you’ll discover the answer to not only that question but many others as you read What Radio Station Are You Listening To?...How to Raise Yourself Up Above All That Noise.



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