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Free Internet Classifieds
Location: Redondo Beach, California, United States
Industry: Internet

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Our Products/Services:

  • EPage -The oldest free classifieds site on the net also boasts the longest running affiliate program.  Our 30,000+ affiliates offer the largest variety of readers for your ads.  Become an affiliates and get a co-branded classifieds site to bring users back to your own site day after day. Lifetime commissions.
  • uBuildApp -Want an iPhone app but don't want to pay thousands of dollars? Build it yourself and save! Use uBuildApp and our simple Web interface to configure a custom app with your blog, videos, pictures, calendar, map, and a dozen more custom buttons.  Unlimited buttons and unlimited edits with no monthly fees.
  • AppZine - Make your own iPhone app and publish it for free. Download Appzine from iTunes and you can view and share tons of apps.
  • AdConnect -Use the latest "Web 2.0" technology to embed classifieds right into your Web site.  Run your own classifieds and your users never leave your site, but you don't need to edit your server, install any software, or know how to program.  Just add a few lines of code to a page on your site and you are done.
  • AdJungle -Manage and sell your own site advertising.  Use AdJungle to manage existing relationships and show the same ads you are showing today (including networks, ad servers, and Google), while offering your inventory for sale at your own rates. Want to buy advertising? Choose from individual sites, or buy remnant ads for only $5.

Biz Tidbitz:

One of the first thousand "dot com" businesses is still around after two boom and bust cycles.

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