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Location: Holbrook, New York, United States
Industry: Information Technology and Services

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Future Tech's winning approach to information technology (IT) service helps organizations of all sizes run their businesses with confidence. Future Tech offers the resources organizations need to gain control of their technology acquisition cycle through highly skilled technicians, sales support engineers, and network consultants. We concentrate on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because we believe that you shouldn't have to worry about hidden costs or extras. In an effort to provide cost-effective and customized IT solutions - from computer hardware and software, to configuration and networking, to staffing and support, and all points in between - we work tirelessly to master the latest technology available so your organization can benefit from the most current innovations. Everything we do is geared toward providing you with the best possible technology solution, at the best price, and implemented with unbeatable customer fulfillment service. We guide our business by three simple tenets: • A commitment to quality: Future Tech realizes that our reputation is only as good as the products and services we sell. Therefore, we always maintain the highest quality and best of breed products for our clients. • Emphasis on our customers: We realize that there are many vendors in our industry, and many times the differences between them are minute. We strive to differentiate ourselves by responding to our clients’ needs quickly and effectively. • Know the market: A business partner may be well liked by its customer, but if they do not provide what the customer needs, the relationship will suffer. We recognize this and place an emphasis on understanding our clients’ business needs as well as conducting ongoing research into the fast-moving world of technology. We use our knowledge to craft unique business solutions for each of our clients. As our company grew, our focus expanded. While we began as a Value-Added Reseller of hardware, we have grown into a full service IT Solution Provider, offering a plethora of products and services designed to meet your IT challenges. Wireless Networking and Security Wireless Networking is a powerful business medium. What was once just a networking tool has become a strategic global resource for all companies. Future Tech has developed a value-added practice in wireless networking including site surveys, network design, and implementation services utilizing best of breed products and services. We believe that secure networking is the focal point of today’s connected environments. With the increasing growth of the Internet and wireless networking, it has become vital that every company have a secure network infrastructure. Future Tech has created a network security practice that specializes in vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection solutions, and virus protection strategies. Wireless Operations Center Future Tech is proud to have created the first and only Wireless Operations Center (W.O.C.) here on Long Island. The W.O.C. is a centralized command center that enables 24/7 monitoring and support of an organization’s wireless network. Additionally, the W.O.C. boasts a Solutions Showcase that displays “Best of Breed” technology solutions from the leading IT manufacturers, including IBM, HP, and Cisco. Certifications Future Tech provides a wide array of value-added services, including authorized depot and onsite repair services, deskside support services, onsite service contracts, and telephone support. We also offer network services including network design and planning services, network integration services, and network deployment services. Our engineers are among the best in the industry and are certified by all of the major manufacturers. Enterprise Solutions Future Tech’s Enterprise Solutions Team has over 75 years’ collective experience in strategically designing and successfully deploying solutions across the enterprise. Enterprise engagements involve complex networking needs, usually spanning multiple locations that must communicate across different platform environments. Future Tech has partnered with industry leaders to bring you the best solutions for all your needs. We are uniquely positioned to meet your enterprise IT challenges, including Storage, Security, Infrastructure, Collaboration, Data Recovery/Disaster Recovery, Power Solutions, Asset Life Cycle Management, and more. Help Desk/Call Center As a complete, end-to-end IT Solution Provider, Future Tech has developed an extensive Help Desk/Call Center practice. Our 24/7 world-class Help Desk & Call Center Facility is staffed with extensively trained hardware and software engineers experienced in supporting desktop, mobile, wireless and network systems. Contract Services & Management Industry analysts report that the average Fortune 1000 Company hosts between 20,000 and 40,000 contracts worth billions of dollars each year, with an increase in active contracts of more than 20% in the past year. The complete management of those contracts is a critical strategic initiative for most corporations. Future Tech provides an extensive Contract Services & Management program for our customers. In addition to reselling all of the leading OEM’s extended care packages, our team initiates contract registration, activates service, and handles the maintenance and renewal of contracts directly with the manufacturer. The best part? All of this can be managed with our customized Web-based contract management tool, ContractOne™. Midrange Systems Today’s competitive marketplace demands technology solutions that leverage all the benefits of Midrange Systems. Future Tech, in partnership with industry-leading manufacturers, delivers midrange systems that make sense for your company’s business challenges. Whether you’re looking to migrate your mission critical applications over from legacy mainframes, deploy enterprise-level applications across multiple platforms, or consolidate servers, Future Tech can help you architect a midrange solution that is reliable, accessible, and reduces your Total Cost of Ownership. Security Solutions According to recent reports by the FBI, 90% of all large corporate and government networks have detected security breaches in the past 12 months. In response to this growing concern, Future Tech has created a portfolio of security offerings that help a company implement a solution from the ground up or augment an existing security program that has shown vulnerabilities. By teaming with industry leaders, we offer solutions for Spam, spyware, anti-virus, URL filtering, content filtering, patch management, network intrusion detection, internal vulnerability, as well as many other critical areas in which you may be at risk. Procurement via our Enterprise Customer Portal Future Tech has developed a Web site specifically for our customers’ procurement needs. Clients can visit our e-commerce site to order equipment, check order status and get pricing. We distribute technology products representing over 500 major manufacturers, and direct relationships with many of these manufacturers allow us to pass on to our customers the most competitive pricing in the industry. You can rely on our value pricing and unmatched customer support for all of your hardware and software needs. Test Drive Products in Our State-of-the-Art Solution Center Every crown has its jewel and Future Tech regards its Solution Center as one of the greatest value propositions we offer our customers. In partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like HP, Dell, IBM, Brother, Lenovo and others, Future Tech has created a multi-million dollar Solution Center that showcases cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Who Is Future Tech And What Do We Do?

Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. ( is an award-winning IT solution provider that delivers computer hardware, software and services for Fortune 1000 clients in a variety of industries, including aerospace and defense, airlines, education, finance, banking, healthcare, research, government and retail. But we're more than just a provider of IT; we work closely with our clients to understand their strategic goals and needs. We then recommend the best technology solutions to help meet those needs. Our network of more than 700 original equipment manufacturers -- such as HP, Brother, Dell, Cisco, VMware and IBM -- allows us to leverage the best pricing and delivery options, along with outstanding customer service and support -- better than any other VAR500 organization. Future Tech has seen double-digit growth year-over-year since its inception in 1996, and 2010 is no different. Through our strategic alliances, commitment to quality, and iron-clad commitment to our clients, Future Tech is able to deliver comprehensive solutions that help lower operating costs, boost productivity, and improve business resilience. iFortress is our green data center solution that is impervious to human and environmental threats, including ballistics, fire, smoke, hurricanes and water.

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Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. was started in the basement of CEO Bob Venero's home on Long Island, NY. It has since grown into an international information technology solution provider serving Fortune 1000 clients in a variety of industries. Talk about a strategic vision and setting goals!

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