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Keeping You Ahead of the Curve on What's Hot, Stylish and Fabulous for the Home
Location: Toronto, Canada
Industry: Home Staging

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Who has the time to keep current or renovate, let alone clean? Homes are meant to be stunning and inspiring places, yet the vast majority of us continue to live in disarray due to our busy lifestyles!

Meet the Remote Stylist, here to make sense of it all. Our design savvy team not only understands your situation but also sympathizes with your excuses! We realize how busy you are, that you have lots of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) aspirations and ideas, but little time to execute them.

The Remote Stylist is the first interactive home styling portal of its kind, keeping subscribers and visitors ahead of the curve on all things chic, stylish and fabulous for the home. The Remote Stylist is a lifesaver no matter where you live.

The Remote Stylist is an interactive home styling website that allows decor enthusiasts to keep ahead of the decor trends, deals and styling solutions - all under one roof!

We offer three products:

Style Watch, a free daily email giving subscribers the latest tips in delicious décor;
Style Library, a how-to blog for the décor savvy;
Style File, a virtual partnership between a client and veteran home stylist.

Let us help you create the perfect room.

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Our Products/Services:

Do you need a room makeover but think you can't afford it? Are you overwhelmed by too many home decor choices and haven't a clue how to apply them to your home?

Toss the magazines, pitch the notes from your favorite home televsion shows and turn to the Remote Stylist instead! From paint colours to lighting or a game plan for an entire room, we can help. We'll create an online portfolio of custom-tailored styling solutions just for you; all you have to do is implement them. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

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Biz Tidbitz:

The Remote Stylist was created to connect the decor-conscious with the style savvy, virtually.
Remote Stylist subscribers care about making a suave statement with their home.
The Remote Stylist attracts companies that know th

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