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Unique. Affordable. Friendly.
Location: New York City, New York, United States
Industry: Human Resources

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Astron Solutions is a New York-based consulting firm dedicated to the delivery of human resource consulting services and supportive technology. We work nationwide to develop and implement human resource programs that support the strategic direction of

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Our Products/Services:

Compensation Consulting:

Are you looking for a quick market analysis? A full-scale compensation program design? Or something in between? We’re your source for assistance in this area. Click on a link below to learn how we can support you:

External market pricing – individual positions
External market pricing – large scale project
Internal pay strategy design / job evaluation
Custom surveys

Need some assistance beyond the “base”ics? Our specialized compensation programs put you on the cutting edge of linking pay to performance and strategically developing your employees.

Compensation Strategy Design
Incentive / Variable Compensation Programs
Sales Compensation
Performance Management
Pay for Performance / Merit Matrix
Career Progression Programs
Executive Compensation
Changing Your Performance Appraisal Schedule
Employee Communications
Policy Development
FLSA analysis
Annual Retainers

Talent Management Suite:

With a patchwork of HR systems, it’s difficult to achieve your strategic HR goals effectively and efficiently. Astron Solutions’ Talent Management system offers you a consolidated framework for managing your employees’ needs from their first day to their last. With the Suite’s component foundation, you can use one or all of our modules to customize your organization’s Talent Management Suite. All modules include message boards, upload of employee information and reporting relationships, password protection, system data security, data archive, and unlimited users and employees. Data is housed on secure servers with 99.9% uptime.

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