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Providing Service to People, Not Just Machines
Location: Mesa, Arizona, United States
Industry: Home Staging

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Committed to helping our customers get the most out of their appliances, AZ Appliance Pros is your answer for professional appliance repair in Phoenix. We specialize in complete appliance repairs for both commercial and residential customers, and we're here to ensure you get top-quality workmanship and customer service on repairs large and small. Emphasizing expert repairs at a fair price, AZ Appliance Pros offers a full range of appliance repair services from dryer repair to refrigerator repair. Don't let a broken appliance ruin your week or even your day! Call now for prompt appliance repairs and reliable service.

Our Products/Services:

Since our founding in 1983, AZ Appliance Pros has been providing expert appliance repair services to customers in Phoenix. Providing the very best in appliance repair services at a fair price, we've developed a reputation for unequaled customer service as well as careful workmanship and great results. We're a family-owned business dedicated to bringing you the appliance repairs you need at a great low price. So if you're facing a broken washing machine or out-of-order refrigerator, don't throw away hundreds of dollars on a new appliance--call AZ Appliance Pros and we'll provide the affordable appliance repair services you need to get your washer, fridge, or other appliance back in tip-top shape. Prompt service, low prices, and quality workmanship: that's the AZ Appliance Pros way.

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AZ Appliance Pros is your full-service appliance repair service in Phoenix. From dryer repair and washer repair to refrigerator repair and dishwasher repair, we're here to help keep your home or business running smoothly. Call to

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