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About MediaFirst PR

High Tech PR & Marketing Services
Location: Roswell, Georgia, United States
Industry: Public Relations and Communications

What We Are About (Biz Profile):

Our Consistent, Periodic PR Process accomplishes client goals, creating many opportunities to be quoted, mentioned, or covered in detail. We tee you up, but you must execute. Part of your success is being available and timely, and part is being interesting, informative, and quotable. You are the expert, so aid the reporter in understanding issues and industry developments.


Regard reporters as an influential conduit to your audience. We get clients great press. We document the process towards your success with a number of deliverable documents.


Depending upon your agreement with us, these may include:


  • Results/Status Report: listing or forecasting the articles in which your firm will appear
  • Strategic & Tactical PR Plans and documentation Spokespersons for your venture and their expertise
  • Press Kit, packaged in a Presentation Folder and including items written for the media audience, such as:
  • Pitches: including responses to queries and pitches by e-mail Communications with us and the media or analysts
  •  Draft Press Releases for your approval
  • News wires, by which we send your release and create a record online, in print, and to the news desks of major media outlets
  •  Leverage results on the Web by maintaining Web links of Press Releases and media coverage

Social Media strategies, tactics, and implementation for business connections via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Key Contacts

Our Products/Services:

For more than ten years, MediaFirst has helped power clients to successful acquisition and exit. These include Optiant acquired by Logility 2010), Gideon Technologies (acquired by Symantec 2010), LeanLogistics (acquired 2008), Optimus Solutions (acquired 2008), Eircom (IPO 2004), ExtremeLogic (acquired by HP 2003), and many more.


MediaFirst combines creative and engineering to deliver great strategy, positioning, writing, and guidance. We get you more press coverage by better serving reporters and editors.


Awareness of your successes increases the valuation of your firm and generates sales leads, investor interest, and competitive advantage.  Beyond PR, MediaFirst services win speaking opportunities, gain industry analyst praise, draw consistently better media coverage, and garner significant industry awards.

To accomplish your goals, we craft programs that:

  •  Create awareness in your target markets
  •  Build mind share
  •  Impart knowledge of your value proposition
  •  Establish customer loyalty
  •  Synchronize the marketing attack
  •  Secure executive thought-leadership
  •  Engage and grow audiences
  •  Outmaneuver and outshine the competition

Core and complementary services include:


  • Public Relations (PR): Get the most coverage from your news and resources
  • Award Opportunity Management: Win awards and new notoriety for you and your customers
  • Speaking Opportunity Management: Find speaking engagements in front of target audiences
  • Industry Analyst Relations: Convey your value proposition, market influence, and position
  • Marketing: marketing plans define best methods and target audiences, such as PR, the Web, collaterals, etc.
  • Brand: Brand (brand image, brand experience), Brand Management, Corporate Identity and Brand ID: Create and organize your corporate identity
  • Web Hosting, Web Development & Blog Hosting: Add a blog or news section to your Web site, such as "In The News" or "Press Release" pages. MediaFirst is a Rackspace partner offering content management
  • Collaterals: Let us define the scope, budget, content, and then produce and print - or .PDF - your brochure.
  • Events: Organizing a venue to generate leads, impart knowledge and sell

Reporting: Jointly, we agree upon the scope, success factors, metrics, and review frequency.



Biz Tidbitz:

MediaFirst creates awareness for technology firms in their niche. The media trust us to deliver interviews that address the most current industry issues. We show how your firm is firing on all cylinders with a compelling value proposition, impressive management, large markets, and an ability to execute. Our tactics expand audiences, generate leads, attract investors, and solidify success. Select Media First while looking toward growth, funding, IPO, acquisition, and exit.

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