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VersaReports Announces New Universal Report Server Version 1.3

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VersaReports Announces New Universal Report Server Version 1.3 

Access Business Assets in Real-Time With On-Demand Reports &

Other Key Enhancements

April 27, 2010 - Atlanta, GA. – VersaReports, creator of reporting software products that help businesses improve their bottom line by leveraging the power of their data, announces its latest revision of Universal Report Server (URS) V1.3, packed with new features that deliver on-demand scheduling, improved report distribution, and additional enhancements to their intuitive user interface.

“Most businesses feel their primary asset is data and the more accessible it is, the more business leaders can make quicker, smarter decisions.  Data provided at the right time in the right format can give business leaders a fresh insight into their business and allow them to adapt quickly to changing business needs,” said Andy Feibus, CEO of VersaReports.  “The on-demand reporting enhancements to Universal Report Server help businesses to unlock their data in real-time, delivering business intelligence to the people ultimately responsible for bottom line results.”

Universal Report Server is the first web report server that allows users to view, schedule, manage, and run reports created by any .NET API report designer, including SAP Crystal Reports, DevExpress XtraReports, Grape City/Data Dynamics ActiveReports, Telerik Reporting, and others. 

“Manually running reports is tedious and time consuming, and often the high cost of reporting servers can prevent line managers from getting the information they need at the frequency they need,” adds Andy Feibus.  That’s why VersaReports developed URS to be easy-to-use and it is affordably priced so it is accessible to all company sizes.”

Universal Report Server V1.3 Added Functionality and Flexibility Include:

·                 Integration of a user's report archive with nearly any portal via a secured RSS feed

·                 Report event notifications via e-mail and Twitter provide immediate feedback when a report completes or fails

·                 On-demand scheduling of reports allows users to run reports whenever they want

·                 Report and Schedule Duplication allows users to quickly create new reports and schedules based on existing ones

·                 Improved report distribution features, including support for transmitting reports to other servers via FTP, Secure FTP or FTP over SSL

·                 On-demand forwarding of existing reports to other users, a distribution list, to an email account, or to a remote server

·                 Improved report security with secured parameters to ensure that the right data gets in the right hands

·                 Pop-up tool tips that provide users with detailed information about reports run on their behalf

Reporting for an organization can be a catalyst to improving a business’ bottom line.  Universal Report Server V1.3 allows an organization to spend more time analyzing and planning instead of manipulating data into useful forms.  This creates an environment that empowers end users and stakeholders to understand the current business situation, allowing for quick reaction to foreseen and unforeseen business changes.

About VersaReports

VersaReports, LLC, an Atlanta, GA company, delivers enterprise reporting solutions for developers to analysts to executives that provide better analysis and planning which can be a catalyst for improving the bottom line.  Universal Report Server provides scheduling, distribution, and archival of reports created with nearly any Microsoft.NET-based report designer package.  It is the only product on the market today that offers multi-server reporting functionality.  Universal Report Server is the ideal solution for empowering users to better understand their current business situation, allowing for quicker decision-making and superior communications.  For more information, please visit, or e-mail [email protected], or call (404) 478-6474.


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