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A Little Bit About Us

We are a team of Chinese, and European Entrepreneurs operating in China in one of the foremost production centers in Mainland China.

Our team consists of 2 Directors : Heinz Rainer and Kevin Gang plus 4 purchasers 4 Shipment logistics experts.

You will expect efficient handling and service from our office.



Our Products/Services:

Offering : Sourcing, Procurement, Translation services, Logistics, Forwarding | our offices are open 6 days a week from 08.00 AM till 18.00 PM.

Our merchandise is inspected in line with quality requirements of International Standards.

We are available for your inquiry for Consumer Electronics, Consumer items general, Apparels, garments, fashion jewelry, decorative items, as well as machinery for manufacturing plastics, drinks, edible oil, Textiles manufacturing.

What we will do is to evaluate your specific needs in the largest market place on this globe, find the most suitable manufacturer with a proven record, and with a best price guarantee.

Looking forward to hear from you,


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Interesting Biz Tidbitz About us:

Africasiaeuro - located in Eastern China, Zhejiang province. 

Our customers are from Europe, Asia, and America.

We specialize in many trade items, and our company has over 12 years China experience.

We undertake sourcing, procurement, shipment and are familiar with trade laws in China.


Specializing in Textiles, Apparels, Garments, Consumer electronics, and Consumer items, Accessories. 

We also ship plant and machinery for overseas markets.


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